Creating Characters: Puppet Making
08 – 10 April 2019
We are passionate about puppets with multiple operators, so this making course gives trainees the chance to make their own Bunraku-inspired puppet over three days in a workshop setting.
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Puppetry in Performance:
An Introduction
19 – 22 November 2018
This four day course for performers and theatre makers combined our core workshops, allowing participants to explore the basic principles of puppetry and give an insight into how we create work.
Little Angel Theatre
Curious School of Puppetry
January – March 2018
Now in it’s third year, we taught the second module of this ten week, full-time course. With us the students had the chance to discover and explore both the techniques and challenges of working in groups to operate a single character.
Make Your Own Monkey
October – November 2017

Alongside our tour of The Hartlepool Monkey the cast led workshops for audiences and families. Participants had the chance to make their own prototype chimpanzee puppet and learn how to bring it to life by working in a team.
Autumn Intensive
Autumn Intensive Training
16 – 18 September 2016

Our first independently held workshop combined three of our Core Workshops, participants learnt manipulation skills and how to puppeteer as an ensemble, as well as gaining a practical insight into our rehearsal process.
Little Angel Theatre
Little Angel Theatre
03 July 2016

A workshop that focused on puppets with multiple operators. Using both abstract and human forms, participants explored the core principles of puppet animation and devised short narratives to demonstrate their discoveries.
Little Angel Theatre
Puppets Gone Wild
31 May – 05 June 2016

A week of workshops at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre where families made their own prototype orangutan puppet inspired by Running Wild, and explored the different techniques used to bring the show’s cast of animals to life.
Little Angel Theatre
Curious School of Puppetry
January – March 2016

We taught the second module in this ten week intensive course for artists wishing to create work with puppetry. The students were trained in the manipulation of numerous forms of puppet, as well as learning devising and performance skills.
Little Angel Theatre
Bristol Festival of Puppetry
03 September 2015

A workshop which explored the underlying principles of three person puppet animation. Participants made paper prototype puppets and worked as part of a team of puppeteers to imbue thought, emotion and physics into a single puppet.
Little Angel Theatre
National Theatre
10 – 13 August 2015

An intensive crash course in theatre making with puppets for adults with previous experience in puppetry. The week featured all the stages of Gyre & Gimble’s creative process including design, construction, devising and performance.